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  • Artifacts
  • Art and society
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Semiotics
  • Visual perception

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Creations of the Mind: Theories of Artifacts and Their Representation

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    Creations of the mind : theories of artifacts and their representation
    Margolis, Eric, 1968-

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    Creations of the Mind presents sixteen original essays by theorists from a wide variety of disciplines who have a shared interest in the nature of artifacts and their implications for the human mind. All the papers are written specially for this volume, and they cover a broad range of topics concerned with the metaphysics of artifacts, our concepts of artifacts and the categories that they represent, the emergence of an understanding of artifacts in infants' cognitive development, as well as the evolution of artifacts and the use of tools by non-human animals. This volume will b ( more)

    Table of Contents
    • List of Contributors p. vii
    • Introduction p. ix
    • Part I Metaphysics
    • 1 Social Ontology and the Philosophy of Society p. 3
    • 2 Artifacts: Parts and Principles p. 18
    • 3 On the Place of Artifacts in Ontology p. 33
    • 4 Artifacts and Human Concepts p. 52
    • 5 Artworks as Artifacts p. 74
    • Part II Concepts and Categories
    • 6 Artifact Categorization: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly p. 85
    • 7 Seedless Grapes: Nature and Culture p. 124
    • 8 How to Refer to Artifacts p. 138
    • 9 Water as an Artifact Kind p. 150
    • 10 The Organization and Representation of Conceptual Knowledge in the Brain: Living Kinds and ( more)
    Table of contents only

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